Each of our Animal Assisted Therapy teams are qualified through an evaluation with American Miniature Therapy Horse Association. 






Unlike most therapy programs, our horses come to YOU!

We are a nonprofit 501(c)3

All donations tax deductible,  


To touch hearts, one soul  at a time through the eyes of our mini angels.



WE will never forget 

We couldn't have done this with out you...

To provide opportunities by bringing horses to the spirit of the wounded so that they too believe they can have hope for the future, a moment in time to begin a new journey without discrimination to any circumstance.

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Current Four Legged Staff...

​Prince Charmig



​​​Be Faithfull in the little things, for in them we find our strength 

~Mother                 Teresa





Animal-assisted Interactions with Registered and qualified with the American Miniature Therapy Horse  Association.

Mini Angel Eyes visits facilities and homes serving abused and at-risk Children, Veterans, Hospitals, Senior Centers and more!  Teams consisting of an owner and a miniature horse offering to strengthen those we serve with hope and love.  Our educational and interactive experiences were created to both educate about miniature horses, and also to promote teamwork, trust, motor skills and communication skills.  These programs have proven to be highly successful in lowering blood pressure,  reduce depression, increase teamwork, empathy, trust, communication, and so much more!

We are 100% volunteered based. Each of our Animal Assisted Therapy teams are trained and qualified through American Miniature Therapy Horse Association.  All donations go right back into Mini Angel Eyes to secure that our transportation equipment is safe for both Miniature horses and humans.  It allows us to visit whomever is need of some Mini love!